CIMT CLIENTS Commonwealth  Institute of Management and Technology is one of the newest in the Kingdom of Swaziland. It is an International Multi Disciplinary equal service provider whose main purpose is Research, Consultancy, Management Development and Training Service. It was founded in 1995 in UK and established in the Kingdom of Swaziland  in 2005 with few participants from handful of countries.  Today, there are participants from nearly all parts of the Commonwealth Countries. Royal Waterloo Foundation, Jessek Pan Africa Consulting Group International and Asia- Pacific Technology Transfer Commission own it.  It is an international multi disciplinary equal opportunity service provider whose main purpose is to provide management development and training services.  The institute offers a range of courses and programmes of almost breath-taking variety and a combination of services, activities and courses that best represent the diverse needs of course participants. More programmes are offered at vocational and professional levels. TRAINING APPROACH Commonwealth Management Institute conducts business throughout Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone countries. The institute is fully subscribed to the principles of adult learning.The Commonwealth  Institute has the following three types of programmes to realize in its strategic aims:   I.     Short term Training Courses II.    Workshops, Seminars and Conferences III.    Apprenticeship, Staff Secondment, Exchange Visits and Study Tours   The Commonwealth Institute helps to meet the management challenges by organizing a wide range of individual tailor – made management courses to suit specific needs. The Institute’s long experience of overseas consultancy work and extensive links with the best  training institutions in UK and USA  allows it to plan flexible and imaginative training programmes.   VISION The Commonwealth Management Institute vision is to become an excellent management resource center for Commonwealth Countries and World at large.   MISSION The mission of Commonwealth Management Institute is to build capacity through Research, Training and Consultancy.   CAPABILITY AND THRUST Commonwealth Management Institute is one of the fastest growing management development institutes in Africa . The capability of Commonwealth Management Institute rests on their highly qualified and experienced professional staffs that are supplemented by a network of associate consultants within Swaziland  and other countries. Commonwealth Management Institute programmes are based on emerging needs of the clients throughout the region. The institute has continued to make sure that programmes benefit from research carried out in the form of needs assessment and participant's feedback. Programme appraisal, tracer studies and impact assessment form important part of Commonwealth Management Institute training and capacity building process. The Commonwealth Institute helps to meet management challenges by organizing a wide range of individual tailor – made courses to suite specific needs. The long experience of overseas consultancy work and extensive links with best management development and training institutions in UK and USA  allows the institution to plan flexible and imaginative training programmes.   OUTREACH TRAINING  The institute also conducts training in client’s own countries upon request.   DISTANCE AND SUPPORTED LEARNING PROGRAMMES  The institute conducts flexible distance and supported learning programmes ranging from Certificate to Masters Degree, such as Diploma in Human Resource Management, Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration, Executive MBA Degree etc. Some of the Faculties include:   Faculty of General Management Faculty of Accounting and Financial Management Faculty of Information Technology (IT) Additional Faculties are being established on an ongoing basis.  ACCREDITATION AND AFFILIATIONS  Leading internationally recognized academic institutions accredits all courses.  The institute has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited to the following Quality Management System Standards: ISO90001:1994, EN ISO 9001:1994, ANSI/ASQC Q9001-1994, to Design and Provide Educational Programs. Approval Certificate No: 209990.The institute is also associated with the following professional bodies that are leader in their respective areas of specialization: Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS), Institute of Administrative Management (IAM), Association of Computer Professionals (ACP), Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Association of Business Executives (ABE), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Association for Project Management (APM), South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM), Education Development International (EDI) , Sullivan University Eurasia (SUE), the International University Consortium of Executive Education, Project  Management Institute, Management Centre Europe, Asian Institute of Management and European Foundation for Management Development ( EFMD). PROFESSIONAL STAFF The course programmes are conducted by highly qualified and experienced consultants from the institute as well as individual consultants from the highest institutions of learning, research centres and private sector in Swaziland  as well as associate consultants from other countries. In Swaziland  the Institute utilizes the services of consultants from University of Swaziland (UNISWA), Institute of Development Management (IDM), Swaziland College of Technology (SCOT), Swaziland Institute of Management and Public Administration (SIMPA), and Public Policy Coordinating Unit (PPCU) of the Government of Swaziland.   CONSULTANCY AND ADVISORY SERVICES The expertise faculty is available to local and international organizations wishing to improve management performance.  Consulting includes short-term (not exceeding 3 months) in areas such as feasibility studies, market research, project planning, project management, project monitoring and evaluation, poverty eradication strategies etc.  The faculty also provides general advice and guidance at all levels of the organizational structure. The consultancy division operates as Jessek Pan Africa Consulting Group International.   TRAVEL AND VISAS Participants are responsible for visa application, transport and personal insurance while in Swaziland  or in the country where the course is being conducted. Participants must ensure that they have valid passports and visas. Participants are responsible for the cost of visas, airport taxes, excess luggage, private travels , medical expenses, private telephone calls and internet services while in Swaziland or in the country where the course is being conducted.   ACCOMODATION The Institute has limited accommodation at affordable rates. Rooms are suite style, providing three to four private bedrooms. Suites have an equipped kitchenette with basis utensils and a refrigerator. A common lounge area in each suite is furnished with a television set. Should one need an alternative accommodation, the Institute has negotiated a range of hotel facilities close to the institute. These cost between US$ 35 TO US$ 100 daily.   AIRPORT TRANSFERS  The institute provides transport to and from the airport   STUDY TOURS During the study, there are at least two tours. The first tour is within the host country. The second tour is in one of the neighbouring countries/cities/towns. In these tours the institute provides transport only.   VENUE Manzini, Cape Town, Livingstone, Maseru, Kampala, Georgetown, Jarkata, Bamako, Abu Dhabi, Zanzibar, New Delhi, Yaonde, Mexico, Bangkok and Wellington CLIENTS.  Government Ministries/ Departments  and Government Agencies  Non-governmental organizations (NGOs),  Private Public Sector and Parastatal Organizations,  Farmers Associations,  Community Organizations  Individual and Private Sector Enterprises. DIRECTION If you are looking for Sustainable Capacity Building, then Commonwealth Institute of Management and Technology is Your Right Choice. TUITION & FEES Tuition fees cover contact lectures, course materials, excursions, a take home computer package with application software, a printer and international study tour. OUR CLIENTS Governmental Ministries Non Governmental Organization Parastatal Organization, Farmers Associations, Community Organizations Individuals and Private Sector Enterprises. HOME   |   ABOUT US   |   COURSES   |   PROSPECTUS   |   FACILITIES   |   CLIENTS   |   APPLICATION   |   CONTACTS  |  LOGIN OUR PROSPECTUS This prospectus is intended to provide general information about the arrangements for courses, seminars and workshops in the Commonwealth Institute of Management. WHO WE ARE ABOUT US OUR HISTORY OUR STAFF OUR COURSES ABOUT US OUR HISTORY OUR STAFF OUR PROSPECTUS DOWNLOADS INQUIRIES APPLICATION FORMS OUR CONTACTS ABOUT US OUR HISTORY OUR STAFF